Housetraining your Dog

Lack of housetraining is the most common reason that pet owners get rid of their dog or make them stay in the backyard :-(
The reason that people have trouble getting their dog potty trained is that they lack the knowledge of the way to properly train. Housetraining a dog is like potty training a toddler. They need to be trained appropriately.
When housetraining, you need to be gentle, patient, consistent and help your dog achieve success (the same way that you would with a child) Remember, in alot of ways, a dog is like a child.
It is very helpful to start housetraining your dog when you are going to be home consistently for a few days. Stay home with your dog, go outside every hour and be sure to reward your dog for going potty outside. If you can be consistent with this for 3 to 4 days, your dog will most likely make progress pretty rapidly.
Housetraining your dog is simply teaching him where you want him to go to the bathroom and where you don't want him to go. To do this properly, you need to supervise and reward him when he does it right. Supervise and interrupt him when he does it wrong (than take him where you want him to go and reward him when he does it right)
It is very important to remember when training a puppy that their bladder is very small and by the time that they realize that they have to go to the bathroom, it's often too late. With all the playing that a puppy does in a day, it's easy for them to get off track. This is why frequent outside visits are an absolute must.
If you are unable to supervise for short periods of time, your dog needs to be confined to a small place (such as a crate) General rule of thumb, dogs don't like to go to the bathroom where they sleep. As soon as you let them out, you need to immediately escort them outside. When they go outside, they need to be praised with a treat and an excited "YES". They need to feel comfortable going outside and in front of you and always remember that your tone of voice is very important. When you praise them, you need to be enthusiastic and show them how excited you are that they did good.
Always take your dog outside after their meals as well. Keeping them on a consistent feeding schedule is important. Aim for the same feeding times everyday. It is important to keep dogs on a schedule (Again, dogs are alot like children- They need structure in their lives)
Is your dog going to slip up and go potty in the house? Of course!! If you believe otherwise, you are being unrealistic. The same as a toddler doesn't potty train on the first try. Whatever you do, do not rub your dog's nose in it and smack them. Look them in the eye, point to the mess and say in a very disapproving, firm voice "NO". Take them outside immediately. If they relieve themselves outside, praise them, use your excited "YES" and give them a treat. Rubbing your dogs nose in it for slipping up does nothing but weakens the bond between you and your dog. This behavior can also cause your dog to start eating their own mess because of fear and going bathroom in different places in the house. This isn't what you want.
Losing your temper with your dog doesn't achieve anything. You don't want the dog to fear you.
Housetraining a dog takes love, patience and understanding. If done correctly, it can be done quite effectively in a very short period of time.

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Happy Housetraining to you!!

Just another little helpful hint: When you first get the dog, be prepared to shampoo your carpets and clean your floors. There WILL be accidents in the beginning (no matter how hard you try) Remember, just as all humans make mistakes, so do animals :-) To err is human and animal.