How to Stop your Dog from Barking

We all know that a dog's consistent barking can drive us nuts. It is normal for dogs to bark. That is the way dogs communicate. It is the same as people's way of talking. Just as humans talk, laugh, complain and sing. Dogs bark, whine and howl. When dogs bark, it is their way of communicating. You cannot ever get a dog to stop barking completely but how do you stop your dog from barking incessantly?

It is first important to realize why your dog is barking. Dogs may bark when they are any of the following:
* Lonely * Excited * Need or want attention * Frustrated * Frightened * Need Help

It is important to figure out what is prompting your dog to bark in the first place.

Easy steps to get help learn how to stop your dog from barking

1) Tell your dog to "Quit Barking" loudly (remember to use a stern tone of voice so your dog knows that this behavior is not one that gets them positive attention)

2) Wave a treat in front of their face for around 5 seconds to get them to stop barking

3) After they stop barking, give them the treat and congratulate them (use a very positive tone so they know you are proud of them)

4) Begin to increase the time that they have to wait for the treat until it reaches several minutes

5) If they bark while waiting for the treat, Yell "Quit Barking" loudly in a stern voice. If they do not quit barking, walk away and do not give them the treat.

This should help you in your quest to get your dog to stop barking

It is important to remember not to punish your dog if they bark during the time you are waving a treat in front of their face. The only thing you should do is yell "Quit Barking" and walk away and not give them the treat.

Also, do not yell at your dog to quit barking if you do not know what they are barking for in the first place. They could be at the door waiting to go outside and you yelling at them to stop barking could cause them to have an accident inside of the house.

Remember, the point of the training is to stop your dog from barking unnecessarily. They need to bark sometimes to communicate their feelings. you don't want them to feel that they are bad for barking at all. It is the only way they can really communicate.

Barking is not always bad. When I was young, I had a little dog named Benji. Benji was quite active but was my best friend (always by my side). This dog always holds a special place in my heart because he saved my life one night. A floor fan in my room had caught on fire while Benji and I were sleeping. Benji barked like crazy and jumped all over me to wake me up. We were both able to get out safely due to him barking. I only told you this because barking is not always bad. In fact, some barking can save a life :-)

Happy Dog Training to You