How to stop your dog from running out the door

How to stop your dog from running out the door is another important step in dog training and keeping your dog under control. Having your dog running out the door and away from you is not only embarrassing for you but dangerous for your dog.

The two best ways to keep your dog from running out the door are as follows:
1) Blocking your dog's way to the door. This will lower their urge to run out the door
2) Attach a small leash to your dog. You will need to keep it on him pretty much at all times during the wakened hours with few exceptions. Whenever the door bell rings, you will need to pick up the leash and walk your dog to the door and have him or her sit first before you open the door. When he sits praise him and when he doesn't try to run out when you answer the door, praise him again and give him a treat. Remember to keep your enthusiastic positive tone of voice. They can hear that.
Be consistent with this routine and give them praise and treats whenever they obey you. Eventually, they will get the hint and stop trying to run out the door and you will be able to remove the leash. If they have a relapse and try to run out the door again, start the leash training over again. Do not tempt your dog either by leaving the door a little open while you briefly step out. It will provoke the dog to try and run after you.