Positive Reinforcement for Dogs

Positive reinforcement for dogs often cures dogs behavior problems. Alot of dogs behavior problems stem from rebellion. Your dog learns appropriate behavior through successes that should be rewarded with praise and inappropriate behavior through correction. The severity of dog discipline should be minimal, only what is required to suppress unwanted behavior. Do not be excessive. Excessive discipline does not cure dog behavior problems, it causes negative side effects.

You must remember that a dog is not a human. You must be clear about what behaviors are acceptable. If you do not show your dog what is acceptable behavior and praise them for it, you will have issues with your dog.
Don't confuse your dog. For instance, you cannot play a game of tug of war with your dog with a slipper or a shoe but than not expect them to chew on shoes (if that makes sense) Don't make an object appear to be a toy when you want to play if you dont want them to treat any shoe as a toy.

Encouragement is a form of praise and positive reinforcment for dogs. Encourage your dog to act as you expect them to (the same as you would with a child)

Be consistent with your dog. Never react differently to the same situation. Try to praise him consistently for good behavior and discipline for unacceptable behavior. Dogs are like children, they need structure in their lives. A dog learns by a combination of observation, hearing, reacting, memory and instinct.

Our training methods (used consistently and with patience) will cure your dogs behavior problems.

Always remember that your tone of voice is key with your dog (as we talked about on the other pages)

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