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Games to play with your dog

Games to play with your dog

Playing games with your dog is a great way to bond. Here are a couple great games to play with your dog.

The Trading Game
To play the trading game, you trade items of various values with your dog. The trading game teaches your dog to give up items to you upon command.

To play the trading game, you first identify your dog's favorite items. Make sure you use a variety of items, such as food treats, balls stuffed toys, and squeaky toys. To encourage your dog to give up objects, you begin with his least favorite items and trade for ones that he enjoys more.

The lessons learned by playing the trading game can be helpful in everyday situations. For example, your dog may get a hold of a new item that has high reward potential, such as a piece of pizza. If your dog is comfortable with the trading game, you should have little trouble getting the pizza away from him.

Here are the steps to learn to play the trading game with your dog

* Make a list of your dog's 10 favorite items, in order from least to favorite. The items on this list should include a variety of items, such as toys, bones and food items.

* Obtain one of your dog's least favorite items from the list

* Give the item to your dog and allow him to play with the item for a few seconds.

* Place your hand on the item and say the command "Give".

* When your dog releases the item into your hand, praise your dog and give them one of their favorite items as a reward.

* When you start playing this game, trade a less favorite item for a more favorite item. After your dog becomes comfortable, you can start trading them on the list in different orders,

The front and Center dog game
When walking your dog, you can play the front and center game to practice their skills of walking on a loose leash, paying attention to their owner and coming when called. The front and center game is a safe and easy way to practice the come command when there are distractions around, since your dog is on a leash during the game.

To begin playing the front and center game with your dog. Take your dog for a walk on a loose leash at your side and then say the "Let's Go" command and begin walking forward quickly. You then say the "Come" command and jog backwards for at least five steps to have your dog practice coming to you. When your dog turns and runs towards you, you should praise them as a reward.

When playing front and center with your dog, make sure you jog backwards instead of turning around and running away from your dog. You should also make sure you do not pull your dog toward you with the leash. Your dog should turn and come to you on their own.

Here are the steps to play the front and center game while walking your dog

* With your dog on a loose leash at your left side, say the command "Let's Go" and then walk forward at a quick pace.

* Call your dog's name and say the command "Come"

* Jog backwards at least five steps away from your dog

* As your dog turns and runs toward you, encourage him to keep him moving toward you

* When your dog is right in front of you, praise him.

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