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Long haired dog breeds

Long haired dog breeds

Free Grooming Tips For Long Haired Dogs

Author: Michael Hrynewich

Belgian Sheepdog

For most dogs with long hair fall brings the second heavy shed of the year. Dogs such as the Belgian Sheepdog with it’s jet black coat can be strikingly beautiful if maintained with the appropriate dog grooming supplies.

You will notice during dog grooming that the coat of longhaired dogs is double, with a soft, dense inner coat and a longer, slightly coarser outer coat. The coat on the Belgian for example, is medium long with noticeable fringes on the legs and tail as well as longer and thicker hair around the neck in the ruff and chest area.

While dog grooming a Belgian take note of any white on the toes of the back feet, which can extend between the pads, any white on the front feet is a serious fault in the show ring. The muzzle can have a slight amount of white or gray coloration. In some areas, the coat may fade to a slightly reddish tinge and this is not a fault if it is due to the environment and not to the actual coloration of the dog.

The Belgian Sheepdog as well as all longhaired breeds of dogs "blows" their coat in the spring and fall. This means that the winter and summer coat is lost in a very heavy shed twice a year. Longhaired dogs actually have two coats; the outer coat is thicker, coarser and designed to provide protection and waterproofing. The inner coat is softer, shorter and denser, adding insulation for the dog.

When shedding the inner, softer coat often becomes matted or tangled with the longer, outer coat resulting in thick, knots of hair that may need clipping to be removed. Daily dog grooming with a quality dematting tool will prevent matts and tangles. Also during the shedding season, a bath with FURminator dog shampoo will loosen the hair and make dog grooming much easier. Remember to use only dog specific dog grooming supplies, as human products will cause skin irritations and other issues.

Bathing your longhaired dog in the heavy shed times of the year in your own bathtub will leave a mess. If you choose to do the bathing yourself, it is best done outside in a dog bath tub. This way all of the hair can be collected and discarded without clogging your drains. Using FURminator dog grooming supplies will keep your house hair free for about four to six weeks. To accomplish this goal you will need to really work up a lather when bathing and then immediately brush your dog when the bath is over.

Always groom the outer coat first using a stiff bristle dog brush or dog combs. After the outer areas, including the fringe on the legs and the longer hair on the ruff is completely knot free, use a dog-grooming rake or pin brush to brush the inner coat. Simply and gently, push the longer outer coat up and groom the inner coat downwards in the direction of hair growth. Using these dog grooming supplies daily, especially during the shedding season will prevent most knots and mats from forming.

Using dog grooming scissors, clip the hair around the feet and between the pads to prevent balls from forming between the toes. These balls of hair and debris can cause severe lameness and infections between the toes. Clipping the long hairs on the ears and plucking or pulling any long hairs, in the outer ear area will help prevent infections in the ear itself.

Lastly, your dog grooming sessions should include a brushing their teeth. This component is something some dog owners forget. Dog are just as susceptible to the same tooth and gum diseases as us humans. Grooming your dog should be fun for all. By using the appropriate dog grooming supplies, you will enjoy a cleaner house and beautiful looking dog with fresh breath ready for those sloppy kisses.

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Dog Care Products For The Long Haired Dog

Author: Gloria Gangi

Regardless of their coat any long haired dog requires special care. Regular brushing is an essential task but there are also other products on the market which focus on long haired dogs, these products have been designed and created especially for dogs with long hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

There are dog care products such as shampoos and conditioners that have been especially designed to control matting and tangles in long haired dogs. Both the shampoo and conditioner in most cases need to be used. The shampoo removes the grime and dirt from the hair as it acts as a cleanser while the conditioner helps to prevent tangles by smoothing the hair.

Brushes, Combs and Rakes

Some other useful items are for long haired dogs are brushes, combs and rakes they are useful in helping detangling and dematting the coat and they help prevent future tangles in the dogs hair.

Brushing is a necessary part of grooming particularly for long haired breeds. Brushing removes dust, dead skin, loose hairs, grass seeds and tangles. It also assists to shorten the coat moult, which occurs each autumn and spring.

You can find specialized brushed and combs designed to help in sorting out the dogs matted hair and tangles. The brushed have short, sharp bristles that can cover a large matted area. These products are normally used in a dog grooming saloon or by pet owners who enjoy going through the grooming process.

Hair Dryers

You may not think that a dog hair dries is a handy product to have but when regular grooming your dog its actually an essential item to have. Hair driers are a very handy when it comes to dog grooming. They allow the dogs coat to dry quickly avoiding the chance of the fur matting and tangling whilst it is still wet. Wet hair mats and tangles more quickly than dried hair.


To remove excess hair around your dog's eyes and ears, good grooming scissors are a necessary item. Some dogs have discharge around the eyes and the fur mats frequently in this area. Using the right dog care products for your long haired dog can ensure that your dog is more comfortable and preventing problems occurring in these areas

The right dog care product will not only help you maintaining your dogs beautiful long hair coat but will also make life easier for you. Ensure that the products are the correct ones for the hair length and size of your dog.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/pets-articles/dog-care-products-for-the-long-haired-dog-426372.html

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