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Smartest breed of dogs

Smartest breed of dogs

Most breeds of dogs are born to work. They’d be miserable if you just let them pass the day by without any kind of exercise or activity to do. Dogs function best if they are given a responsibility, something which not all dog owners agree with. They prefer seeing their dogs playing all day than give them some sense of purpose. This is one reason why owning a dog goes beyond just buying one because it’s cute. Dog owners should be committed enough to train and exercise their best friends. Here are the top 10 breeds that are best for committed dog owners.

10. Australian Cattle Dog – This breed of dog is very easy to train but they require a lot of exercise. They were originally bred as herding dogs, to drive wild cattle over long distances, which is also one reason why it has developed powerful jaws for biting. As a herding dog, this breed is very agile and energetic.

9. Rottweiler – This breed has an unfairly negative reputation caused by irresponsible dog ownership. The truth is that this large breed is actually very lovable. They can be very attached to their family and friends. Just like any man’s best friend, they are very protective of their loved ones and strangers will be wary to approach if they haven’t been properly introduced yet. They require minimal grooming but as active breeds, they need to be exercised regularly.

8. Papillon – Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of this small breed. The papillon can be very scary and tough if it wants too. The butterfly ears are one of the breed’s most distinct characteristics, fluttering once it runs and plays around in the field. This companion dog is perfect for the indoors but it also loves to play in the outdoors.

7. Labrador Retriever – Aside from being the 7th smartest dog breed, the Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular breeds in America in the past years. In fact, the American Kennel Club ranked it as the most popular breed for both 2010 and 2011. Labrador Retrievers make excellent guide dogs for the blind and they are also masters of the search-and-rescue operations of the law enforcement.

6. Shetland Sheepdog – This highly trainable breed is also lovingly nicknamed, “Sheltie.” With loyalty and alertness as its top qualities, the Shetland Sheepdog is very smart and intelligent that its owners can swear they can rival those of humans. This breed is so agile yet it’s very sturdy. While they excel most in farms, herding flocks of farm animals, it is still adaptable to many living conditions as long as its regular exercise needs are met.

Stop Unwanted barking by training your dog. Exercise your pet regularly and keep him stimulated by exercising his mental faculties. Obedience training is something pet owners can accomplish themselves, as long as they are dedicated enough to spend hours and hours teaching their pets the right behavior and attitude.

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Continuing from our previous post, here’s the remaining list of the 10 most intelligent breeds of dogs.

5. Doberman Pinscher – This breed is large and very muscular, enough to intimidate anyone who comes near it. If properly bred and trainer, Dobermans will not just be your best friend. They will protect you with their lives too. Also used as police dogs, Dobermans possess great endurance, making running for criminals a probably fun activity for them.

4. Golden Retriever – A golden retriever’s temperament is perfect for kids, making it the ideal family dog. It ranks as the 4th most popular breed in the US by AKC and not without reasons. Golden retrievers are not only smart, but they are so eager to please their owners, which is why they can do a wide range of dog duties – guides for blind people and members of search-and-rescue teams, just to name a few. Like any large breed, golden retrievers need to be exercised regularly. Its water-repellant double coat sheds seasonally, making grooming a regular bonding activity with his owner and him.

3. German Shepherd – German Shepherds are often seen accompanying policemen during search-and-rescue operations but regular citizens can also attest to the endearing qualities of this breed. Ranked as the second most popular breed in America for the last two years, this breed is considered as “the world’s leading police, guard and military dog.” German Shepherds are perfect for families too because they love children and their energy makes them ideal companions for growing kids.

2. Poodle – If you think Poodles are just for show, you are very wrong. This exceptionally smart breed excels in obedience training, making it the second leader in the bunch. The hypoallergenic coat is perfect for those who have allergic reactions. It’s the ideal family pet because its energy can equally match those of active kids who like running around and playing with anything they come in contact with.

1. Border Collie – The most intelligent breed in the pack, the Border Collie is extremely energetic, acrobatic, and athletic. They were bred to herd sheep, excelling in sheepdog trials. It made history when a Border Collie was said to have learned over 1000 words in January of 2011. This breed requires daily exercise and owners are required to train collies to exercise their mental faculties. As herders, they have the potential to chase anything that moves so making them pets in busy cities may not be the best idea.

These breeds were ranked as the smartest, most intelligent breeds by Stanley Cohen, author of the bestselling book, The Intelligence of Dogs. Dog owners, with the right attitude and dedication, can stop dogs behaving badly and displaying bad behavior by training them as soon as they get past the puppy stage. Unwanted dog barking, toy chewing, and poop-consumption can easily stop if you are committed enough to train your best friends.

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