Saturday, November 26, 2011

Important Factors to keep in mind when Training your Dog

It is so important to keep a few things in mind when training your dog. Dog are like humans (not perfect :-) and it's going to take them more than once or a few times to master the skill. Here a few pointers to keep in mind:

* Dog's have short attention spans. Keep training in 15 minute intervals.
* Don't get frustrated. Dogs can sense stress and they react positively to positivity and negatively to negativity (just like humans)
* If your dog has a bad day with the training. End the training session on a command that he or she has already mastered and give them praise.
* Always reward your dog for success. This can be by praise, petting, treats or all of them. Personally, I prefer all three (especially the treats- best way to the heart is through the stomach :-)
* After each training session, play a game with your dog that they enjoy. This helps them associate training with fun!! and that's important!

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