Monday, December 5, 2011

How to teach your dog to shake hands

The hand shake trick is to have your dog "shake" when in a sitting position. If the dog understands the trick, he/she will raise either his right or left paw in the air so you can shake it.

You will need to teach the dog the "sit" command prior to teaching them to shake hands. We already covered this trick previously in the blog. At then end of the post, I will link back to that post (in case you haven't read yet)

A good routine to follow when teaching your dog to shake hands is as follows:
* Tell your dog to sit
* Kneel down and hold your hand openly with palm up in front of your dog
* Tell your dog to "shake".
* If they don't respond, use your other hand to slowly lift one of their paws into your open hand.
* When you put his paw into your open hand, say "shake" and congratulate them by petting them or giving them a treat.
* Put his paw back on the ground and do the trick over
* If your dog puts his paw into your hand without any help when you say "shake" you will need to congratulate and treat him with twice as much as you do when you put his paw into your hand yourself.

Remember to keep your tone of voice positive and enthusiastic. Dogs respond to positivity

If you haven't taught your dog to sit yet, refer back to the below linked post

Teaching your dog to sit

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