Thursday, January 26, 2012

How many calories should a dog eat a day

How many calories is healthy for your dog? The energy needs and calories per day that your dog should eat varies. Below is an estimate based on the weight and age

Dogs that weigh 15 pounds:
Young adult, active 590 Calories
Adult, active 550 Calories
Senior, active 440 Calories
Active Terriers 760 Calories
Inactive adult 400 Calories

Dogs that weigh 20 pounds:
Young adult, active 730 Calories
Adult, active 680 Calories
Senior, active 550 Calories
Active Terriers 940 Calories
Inactive adult 500 Calories

Dogs that weigh 25 pounds:
Young adult, active 870 Calories
Adult, active 800 Calories
Senior, active 650 Calories
Inactive adult 590 Calories

Dogs that weigh 30 pounds:
Young adult, active 990 Calories
Adult, active 920 Calories
Senior, active 740 Calories
Inactive adult 670 Calories

If you are not sure how many calories that your dog is supposed to eat, weigh it and follow the feeding directions on the food label as best as you can. Be sure to take into consideration the additional calories in treats that you give throughout the day.

Just the same as it goes for humans, it is not healthy for your dog to be overweight. Skinnier dogs live longer and are overall healthier so feed your pet right :-) Knowing how much you should feed your dog a day is important.

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