Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why is training your dog beneficiary?

Training your dog builds a bond between you and your dog and also builds better behavior for your dog. The benefits of dog training are numerous and far outweigh the time spent doing it. The initial bond with your dog is a tentative one. It is important to start training and bonding with your dog as soon as you get them (which is usually around 8 weeks of age) Start the training slowly but start the bonding immediately. Your dog doesn't know you yet, nor do you really know them. To strengthen that bond and build trust, you must spend time with your dog and do things together. This helps your dog learn to trust you and want to please you. It also helps you to get to know your dog's personality. Your dog learns how to respond to you, what makes you happy and what can not be tolerated. As you do things together, your relationship deepens. It's important to do your dog training in steps and to always keep in mind that trick training should be fun also. You can't make it all work and no play.
Happy dog training to you and hope the blog helps you learn some effective dog training tips.

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  1. Training your dog is a team effort; both of you will be learning alot. As the two of you train together, you make some discoveries about yourself. You might find that you are a pretty good dog trainer; many people take to this naturally and just need some guidance regarding the process. Or you might discover that you are more patient than you thought. Other people hava a harder time and get impatient and angry, and short with their dog. If you are in this category, stop training immediately when you find yourself in this mood. Step away and try to figure out why. Don't take a bad mood out on your dog. Restart your training session when you've calmed down and can show your dog postivity. Dogs react much better to a positive voice.