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Best dog beds for older dogs

Best dog beds for older dogs

Finding a dog bed for older dogs

Author: Robert Hampden

As your pets age, it's inevitable that they will need extra special care. When that time does come, there are a variety of dog products specifically made to help with the aging process. One of the most important products in this process is a dog's bed. As they get older, dogs will spend a considerable amount of time sleeping or lounging. You can help your dog remain pain-free and active longer simply by choosing the right type of bed.

There are a variety of factors you should look for when choosing a bed for an older dog, including warmth, support and comfort.

Warmth: Cold and damp weather typically presents challenges and problems for older dogs. This shift in weather can cause your dog to sleep more, make their joints and muscles stiffen, and further aggravate existing arthritis. It's important to provide your pet with the warmth they need during this time. Memory foam dog beds and heated dog beds are two solutions to help to maintain your pet's body temperature and keep them warm during the colder seasons. Look for additional dog bed features like down coverings or therapeutic heaters for additional warmth.

Support: Memory foam and orthopedic dog beds offer support and cushioning to ease the discomfort of joint and muscle pain that is apparent as dogs age. The innovative material in these memory foam beds reduces the effects of pressure points and puts less stress on the body overall. These types of beds are a great option for dogs suffering from common ailments such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and common injuries.

Comfort: Rectangular beds are a great option for older dogs, since they may have less flexibility in their sleeping position. The shape of these beds allows them to sleep freely and comfortably without the restriction of space. Memory foam dog beds are also a great option since they conform to your dog's individual body shape for a comfortable fit that feels like it was made just for them. Look for additional dog bed features such as waterproof and absorbent liners to help with incontinence that your older dog may encounter.

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Choosing The Right Dog Bed For Your Dog

Author: Tony Gruebner

There are many benefits to purchasing a Dog Bed for your Dog. But how do you know which types of Dog Beds are most suitable for your dog?

Watching your dogs sleeping habits can be one of the best ways of working out what kind of dog bed will best suit your dog. What you will probably notice is that before closing his eyes, your dog will often try and squirm their way into the most comfortable position that they can. Watching which position that they find themselves in is a good way of deciphering their sleeping habits. If they like to curl up then maybe a cosy bed with side walls may be more suitable. If they move around a lot and like to stretch up then you may want to consider buying a slightly larger dog bed than you otherwise would.

Whilst Dog Beds come in many different colours and materials your first thought should be in regards to the shape of the dog bed. Beds that are oval in shape with walls or cushioning are generally more suitable for smaller dogs or dogs that like to curl up. These types of beds are suitable for dogs that require extra back or head support. A rectangular type dog bed or dog lounger is generally more suitable for a larger dog or a dog that likes to move a lot in their sleep. These types of dog beds generally suit larger dogs as they generally have long legs that they like to stretch out over the edge of the bed.

Another point to consider is the amount of cushioning in the bed. Puppy's and smaller beds often like the extra cushioning surrounding them to make them feel more secure. Also, extra cushioning can be handy for older dogs or dogs with sore joints. Larger dogs often don't need this extra level of cushioning so a dog lounger or skinnier type duvet dog bed may suit your dog.

Another point to consider is you have a shy dog who likes to hide away then a dog bed with a shelter may be a smart idea. A Dog Igloo Bed is a great example of this type of Dog Bed. They are designed for puppies or smaller types of dogs and provide extra cushioning to make your small dog feel totally secure and feel like they have their own space in which to get away from it all.

Hopefully this article has helped you to work out what type of Dog Bed is suitable for your Dog.

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