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Should I hire a pet sitter

Should I hire a pet sitter

Four Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter

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If you've never hired a pet sitting service before you might be wondering whether or not you need one if you're not planning to be gone overnight. A pet sitting service can be great to have when you know you'll be gone for a few days or more, but what about if you only want a sitter to come in for an hour? When do you know if you need a pet sitter, and will they be available for smaller jobs? Below are the top four reasons you might need a pet sitter. Rest assured that a sitter will be available for any of these reasons no matter how small you might think it is.

1. It used to be that if you knew you would be gone for a couple weeks or more that you would drop your pet off at a kennel and pick them up on your return. However, now pet owners are beginning to understand that there are some animals that don't like staying at a kennel and can become agitated and sick. A pet sitter can care for your pet in the comfortable setting of a home, which in turn will lessen your pet's anxiety.

2. Even if you only plan to be gone a day or two, anytime you will be away overnight you should have a plan in place for your pet's care. Being left alone for 24 hours or more can cause a lot of unnecessary stress to your pet. Pet sitters can make sure your pet gets their daily exercise, eats their meals at the usual time, and receives any medication they are taking.

3. If you are gone at work all day and need someone to come in specifically to exercise, feed, and pick up any messes your pet makes a pet sitter can make arrangements to come in only during the hours you are gone. Pet sitters will work with your schedule to make sure your pet is always receiving the amount of care needed. 4. A pet sitter can provide more services than a dog walker, but if what you are only looking for a person to come in and walk your dog for an hour? Pet sitters will be happy to do it for you. Whether you are injured and unable to walk them yourself, or you just happen to have a full and busy day, there is no job too small that a pet sitter wouldn't be happy to take over for you when you need them to.

How to Choose the Right Pet Sitter

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