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Dog friendly home- Make your dog's environment comfortable for you both

Dog friendly home- Make your dog's environment comfortable for you both

How to create a comfortable environment for the dog

Author: jimmy

Dog is human's good friend, they accompany us through lonely time, However, do we ever stop to realize that just like us our furry little friends also need maintenance and a good environment?

1. Doggy Abode
It is very important to get a good housing for your dog that will suit his need of space and comfort. Therefore the purchase of dog kennels is of utmost importance. You need to make sure that your dog kennel is clean and safe. Keep your shades drawn during the day. one of the easiest ways to keep your home cool during peak hours of the day is to draw your blinds or draperies before leaving your house in the morning. This will limit the amount of sunlight that filters in and can dramatically reduce the temperature in many rooms of your home.

2. Safe and Secure
Some dog kennels and runs have chain link fencing and some have fencing that is made of wood. It could be located towards the side of a house or at the backyard of the house. Preferably should be located at an area where there are wide open spaces.

3. A pet fountain
A steady supply of water is essential to ward off dehydration and overheating, but your pooch may decide to slurp down all of his water before you get home. A pet fountain is a great choice that will supply a steady stream of water throughout the day, and it may actually help your canine drink more than usual. This will help keep him cool and support a variety of normal physiological functions.

4.The dog clean sanitation
Shampooing them too often is not a good idea as shampoo tends to strip the natural oils out of their coats. You will need a specific type of dog shampoo, such as when the dog has fleas or if it has sensitive skin. You should also make sure that you use a natural shampoo to keep as many chemicals as possible off of the skin of your dog.On time to the dog a bath, time to the dog de-worming, immunization schedule to the dogs, time to dog beauty.
The above is my sort of some methods skills is not very complete, hope you like pet we communicate with each other.

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Creating An Attractive Pet Friendly Home

Author: Ursula K Rose

How To Make An Attractive Pet Friendly Home

Some people think that pets and a chic, stylish home simply do not go together. That is far from the truth.

No longer do home owners have to choose between keeping Fido and Fluffy indoors or having a beautiful home to be proud of, provided that they keep some basic pet friendly home decorating and home remodeling tips in mind.

Choose Hard Floor Coverings

Although there are a number of carpet choices available these days that are designed to be pet odor and stain resistant, a hard flooring surface is still the better choice for a home with pets. However, there is is no reason that bare has to be boring.

Hardwood floors are beautiful but, if you have a puppy or older pet who has a tendency to have the occasional accident, you should be aware that dog urine is almost impossible to remove from a solid hardwood floor without sanding and refinishing or in some cases replacing the affected boards altogether.

Laminate floors may be a better option for pet owners as liquid spills, provided they are wiped up promptly, rarely do any lasting damage. Modern laminates can be found in many different styles and can be made to look like hardwood, stone or even marble.

Have a Pet Mud Room Built

We all know how useful a mud room can be so a pet mud room makes a lot of sense. A good quality ceramic tile floor is best for this space as it is durable and super easy to clean up all those muddy footprints. Invest in durable wall coverings as well – ceramic tile is also a good choice here. Installing a few extra shelves to store towels to wipe the dirt off your dog when they come inside from the garden is also very helpful to keep your home clean.


Upgrade Your Pet's Toys

Cheap toys and half eaten bones and pigs ears not only look absolutely dreadful strewn all around the home but many of them are also coated with nitrates that can permanently discolor floors and furniture. Invest instead in one or two high quality pet toys and keep the bones outdoors.


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Ursula K Rose - Renovation Experts USA
You can find lots of helpful information about finding a suitable home renovation contractor at Renovation Experts and read our home Renovation with Renovation Experts Blog, which is updated several times a week with helpful home renovation articles.

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