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Get your dog used to a pet sitter

Get your dog used to a pet sitter

The Best Way to Introduce a Pet Sitter to Your Pet

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Now that you've found a sitter it's time to get them acquainted with your pet. Some animals do very well when they meet a new person, and other animals can become shy when they encounter someone they don't know. Queen City Pet Sitting has experience with all different types of animals, and they are adept at handling all pet meetings whether your pet is excited or nervous. However, there are a few things you can do to help the situation along and make any introduction a positive experience for all involved.

Before you hire a sitter you should set up a time and place where the sitter can meet your pet. The best place to set up the first meeting is in the pet's home. A pet will feel much more confident and secure knowing that they are in their element, and the sitter is a guest in their territory not the other way around. If your pet is territorial you can start the introduction outside and gradually make your way inside the house. By showing your pet that you are okay with this person inside your house they will realize that the sitter is a friend.

In addition, by setting up the first meeting in your home you will be able to see firsthand how your sitter interacts with your pet and whether they seem comfortable handling them in front of you. There is no reason why a sitter should act differently once you're gone. If a sitter tries to excuse any unsettling characteristics by saying that they will behave differently once they are alone with the animal it is a big red flag that you should think twice about hiring them.

On the day that you leave have the sitter come early and spend some time with them and your pet doing pleasant activities like playing. Don't make a scene as you leave, or you will cause your pet to become excited which could lead to anxiety or aggression. Instead act naturally, and when it comes time to depart say your quick goodbyes and go without making a big deal about it.

How To Be a Good Pet Parent When Using a Pet Sitter

Act just as naturally if you plan to leave your pet with the sitter in their home. Give your pet time to get settled until you are ready to go and then leave. Don't prolong a goodbye as this could leave your pet feeling upset and abandoned. If you've taken the time to properly introduce your sitter to your dog then you should have no worries about leaving on your trip. Visit today to find a pet sitter in your area.

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Pet Sitter - A Complete Care for Your Pet

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Pet sitters offer pet owners with a simple way to have their dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and other pets cared for. Although you can always ask friends and family to care for your pets while you are away, hiring a pet sitter makes it less of a burden on your loved ones.

Here are some advantages to hiring a pet sitter in order to provide your pet with the care that they need and deserve:

1. Pets want to be in their own surroundings. Being out of their usual surroundings makes them stressed out and could cause obedience and/or health problems. A pet sitter allows your pet to stay at home and be relaxed while you are away.

2. Pet sitters relieve you of any worries you may have about leaving your pet at home and allow you to go away for awhile.

3. A pet sitter is usually knowledgeable in pet care and will know precisely what to do should an emergency situation arise. They will know what to look for regarding medical situations and know what to do should they require arise.

4. Pet Sitters also allow your house to look lived in while you are away which helps to protect your belongings as well as your pets.

5. Finding a pet sitter is a simple feat these days. There are plenty to choose from and with some independent research on your own part, you will find a great pet sitter as well. Recommendations from others, the Internet and pet service locator websites all are great places to look when trying to find a pet sitter.

6. Pet sitters will do all the work for you. They will take care of the whole thing from taking your dog for a walk to feeding your loving cat, amongst many other things.

7. Pet sitters are affordable. With some research on your end, finding an affordable and all-inclusive pet sitter is highly possible, no matter where you may live or how many pets you may have.

These are just some of the many great advantages to hiring a pet sitter for your pets while you are away.

Here are some of the top benefits to using a pet sitter to care for your loving companion:

Hiring a Professional Means the Job Will Be Done right

When you hire a professional pet sitter you can be rest assured that the job will be done right. Those who are in the business of caring for pets most probable have fairly a bit of experience in this area and will know precisely what they should do and shouldn't do with regard to your dog or cat. They will often run like a well-oiled machine and care for your pet with the utmost professional methods and responsibility.

The Pet Sitter Will Make Sure That All of Your Pet's Needs Are Met

Lastly, the pet sitter will make sure that all of your pet's needs are met while you are away. They will feed your pet, walk your dog, change your cat's litter box, play with the pets and keep them company. Also, should your pet need any medication, the pet sitter can tend to this as well.

There are so many wonderful benefits associated with using a pet sitter when you have to go out of town that there really is no reason to have anybody else watch your faithful companion for you.

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