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Vacation with dogs- Taking your dog on vacation

Vacation with dogs- Taking your dog on vacation

Take pleasure in The Vacation With your Pet

Author: Brittany D. Bey

Did you recognize that U.S citizens are much more carrying about their pets than any other country within the world? They would truly prefer to travel with their pets. You'll locate that you will discover thousands of men and women who would rather travel with their pets then live them at house. They will want to take their pets to hotels, parks, and even travel with their companion animals. You'll would like to do some research before you determine to take your pet with you during your vacation. You'll want to ensure that your pet is allowed to travel with you.

There are numerous cases where dogs will be able to go for automobile rides and most cats are not. You will discover that you can take dogs to locations where you can't normally take a cat. That's why dogs are considered to be the number one travel companion. You'll like to make certain that your pets are permitted to be with you to make sure that you do not get the bill for the kennel. You will want to ensure that the dog or cat is able to travel with you publicly; you don't want to take a pet that is afraid of the outer world or has panic attacks. Here are several suggestions on how you'll be in a position to make traveling with your pet safe and feasible.

Initial, you will desire to take the cat to a veterinarian. You'll need to get a certificate of health. You can prove that the pet is current on all of the shots and you could desire to acquired a micro-chip installed below their skin to ensure that you'll be able to track them if they get lose. The chip is quite important if you are traveling out of the state. Additionally, you'll be able to bring your pets medicine with you when you take it to the vet. They will give you enough meds for you to get through the entire trip. Additionally, you could wish to have more just incase they're lost of stolen.

You will also need to confirm that your pet is socialized. If your pet doesn't like others, you might want to travel in a kennel or cage so that they really feel safe while on the trip. Once again, you'll only want to take your pet somewhere if they are well behaved. You don't would like to take your dog if they love to bark or have bitten anyone within the past. You will want to guarantee that you likewise bring the kennel to make sure that the dog or cat doesn't ruin the hotel by going on the carpeting or chewing issues up. Take into account, you will need to pay for the damage.

You will also like to be sure that you make the reservations at the hotel in advance and you will like to ask them if pets are allowed. There are lots of people, who just assume that the hotel is pet friendly, but you'll want to find out just before hand or you may want to rush out and discover a place for the hand. Your pet ought to also put a collar with tags on the animal at all times. You will also desire to place your rabies tag along with other tags like the dogs name and your details. Additionally, you will like to travel with your pet by car. You'll find that an airline travel is very nerve-racking.

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Taking Your Dog On Vacation - Choosing Dog-Friendly Accommodations

Author: Anita Funkhouser

Once you have decided to take your dog on vacation with you, you are probably concerned primarily about safe transport, which is obviously important. Equally important, however, is where you will stay when you arrive. Choosing accommodations for your vacation for your family, including your dog, can be difficult because many places do not accept guests with dogs. However, there are options available that will solve this problem.

There is now a larger selection of accommodations that give you a place to rest your head when you take your dog on vacation with you. In fact, there are many hotel chains that readily advertise the fact that they are dog friendly. They provide plenty of facilities for dogs to ensure that travelers stay there in relative comfort for the duration of their vacation. This can be a relaxing and energizing experience indeed.

Another option you have when taking your dog on vacation is the option to take your own RV or caravan so that your dog is familiar with his or her surroundings and has a warm and dry place to sleep. There are more and more parks that allow canine guests and provide apt facilities for them. Choosing to take your dog on vacation is a great option but you may want to avoid camping where possible because, unless your dog is used to camping out with you, it can be a harrowing experience because he or she is likely to wake you up every time there is a slight noise outside!

Finally, if you do enjoy living in the lap of luxury, taking your dog on vacation to a dog-friendly rented apartment, condo or beach house would be a great idea. This is often an easier experience because it is like a home away from home. There are also more of these around than hotels so renting is most definitely an option!

Whichever option you choose, make sure to contact the hotel, RV park or rental property to ask if dogs are permitted, if there is a size limit and/or extra charge and to understand their policies before booking your reservation.

The following list of publications (list provided by Humane Society of the United States), available at most bookstores, provides listings of pet-friendly accommodations:

  • Arden, Andrea and Emmanuelle Morgan. Fodor's Road Guide USA: Where to Stay With Your Pet.
  • Automobile Association of America. Traveling With Your Pet—The AAA PetBook.
  • Barish, Eileen. Vacationing With Your Pet.
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  • Habgood, Dawn and Robert. Pets on the Go: The Definitive Pet Accommodation and Vacation Guide.
  • Kain, Tara.'s United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide.
  • Kain, Tara.'s California and Nevada Dog Travel Guide.
  • Nelson, M. E. The Pet Travel and Fun Authority of Best-of-State Places to Play, Stay & Have Fun Along the Way.

Try these websites for additional pet-friendly travel resources (list provided by Humane Society of the United States):


As you and your dog take a vacation together, make sure to do your part to ensure that pets will continue to be welcomed as traveling companions. Keep your dog under control at all times, obey local animal control ordinances and be thoughtful and courteous to other travelers.

For more information on taking your dog on vacation, see Taking Your Dog On Vacation.

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