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Raw dog food diet pros and cons

Raw dog food diet pros and cons

Ideas Help Your Dog Adjust To The Raw Food Diet

Author: Gary McKraken

The raw food diet is gaining in popularity with dog owners. As it means the dog eating natural foods rather than the traditional commercially produced foodstuffs it is seen by many as a healthy and natural alternative diet and cheaper too without compromising on quality. But how do you help your best pal make the adjustment? Here are a few things you may find helpful.

Mix things up a bit. Change his feeding routine and start to introduce the raw stuff gradually one meal at a time to help him get used to it. Perhaps after you've helped him work up his appetite say by taking him on a nice long walk so you know he'll be hungry and slipping in a raw food meal after that and build up the frequency of raw food meals so he will gradually get used to them.

This one might be hard especially if you like to give your dog a treat – yes, I know it's hard to resist – though the more treats you give him the less likely he is to be interested in his regular meals because he's gorged on kibble and dog chocolate. Cut back on the treats so he's hungry and ready to eat his main meals. Then he'll be ready for action as you adjust him to his new diet.

And make it interesting for him by making sure you give him some variety. Don't give him to same stuff every day. Keep it all fresh by mixing up what you give him perhaps on some sort of rotational basis. When feeding your dog raw food, variety is key to keeping him interested. If you are feeding him the same kind of food all the time, it won't be a surprise if there comes a time when he's just not that interested in the same old thing.

To make it even more interesting for him and a bit of a game to switch him to his new raw food diet you might try hiding a nice bit of meat inside a toy which is designed for the purpose – a Kong for example. He will then have to work for his tasty morsel and have an incentive to do so whilst getting used to the new food.

Different dogs adjust to new things at different paces so you may need to be patient with him whilst switching him to his new diet. If progress is slow you may need to take a gradual approach yourself by gently and progressively introducing more of the new raw food stuffs while gradually removing his traditional diet so that eventually the raw food diet replaces everything.

At all times be on the alert for any signs that your dog does not like any of the new stuff you are giving to him and if so then don't feed that particular item to him any longer. And of course if at any time you think your dog is showing any health distress then consult with your vet as I'm sure you would anyway.

As well as being a potentially healthier and cheaper diet than traditional commercially produced dog food, the raw dog food diet can also help to reduce dog flatulence as you will be feeding him natural foodstuffs without any chemical additives. This can mean less gas building up in his system. Just something else to ponder as a potential consideration of you are thinking of making the switch with your dog.

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I hope you found this short article informative and how the raw dog food diet may be of benefit to your dog. It can also help to reduce dog flatulence. Please visit either link for additional information and free related downloads.

Commercial dog food is so unhealthy for your dog. Check out some awesome natural dog food recipes here
Start The Raw Dog Food Diet and Increase Your Dog's Life Span

Author: James Brown Bete

This knowledge that I have learned and shared to so many people are actually based primarily on hearsay. I referring this knowledge my wonderful and informative e-book that I bought online three months ago. Its been two months of working and patience before I successfully switch my 10 dogs diet to raw one. I have been worried so much about my pets life span and health as well. That is why I did an immediate action. Actually, I already plan of switching since before but I just do not know how to get started. Until I ask help to my number one partner on the internet, Google. And I finally ended up with the particular e-book, Going Rawr! Dog Lover's Compedium.

This has been clear to me now that raw foods is the best diet that our dog's bodies are suited for. It provides dogs will their nutritional requirements in the right proportions, without the need for supplements and vitamins. We can also make sure that good quality food is always available for our dogs and we can lessen the possibility of food contamination, parasites and bacteria when our dog is on a raw food diet.

Commercial Pet Food For Some Who Do not know:

  • are almost always fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • causes dogs to be prone to ticks and dull coat
  • causes dogs to have bad-smelling doggie breath
  • makes use of grains as one of the ingredients, even if grains are not safe for dog consumption
  • are full of artificial flavorings and colourings to make the food more attractive to dogs, but are not that good for their health
  • makes use of meat by-products or meats that have failed to meet the standards for human consumption (i.e. lower quality meats)
  • is NOT the best food for our dog, as a lot of the companies claim them to be.

Raw Dog Food Diet:

  • is the best diet to keep our dog healthy and free from illness
  • it provides nutritional requirements in the right proportions without the need for supplements and vitamins (e.g. unprocessed raw meat, fruits and vegetables)

When Our Dogs Is In Raw Food Diet:

  • They have fewer sick days.
  • They have faster recovery from illnesses.
  • The more energy for activities they enjoy.
  • They have an overall healthier, happier pet with a playful disposition.
  • We could have savings and less stress from fewer visits to the vet.
  • They have less risk of being exposed to canine allergens.
  • They have less risk of being exposed to contaminated and tainted food.
  • There is no need to buy expensive supplements.
  • The more time to enjoy your pet.
  • They get naturally clean smelling dog (no dog's breath, no distinctive doggie odor).
  • We could have savings on chemical products designed to keep their coats healthy and free from parasites.
  • Our dogs gets good quality food - and not just by products.

We love our dogs, so we are only looking for what's best for them. Take your move now and save your dogs.

Raw Dog Food Diet

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I am full time IT student in Mindanao University of Science and Technology. I got an interest in writing for quite some time and I use to write articles in different categories of my interest.

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