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Kennel pads for your dog only

Kennel pads for your dog only

Kennel Pads – Knowing Your Options

Author: Craig Thornburrow

For those who truly love and want the best for their pet, kennel pads are an important thing to have. Taking care of your pet is one of the most important things you can do. So many pet owners want to take the best possible care of their animals but may not be aware of all the ways they can do so.

It could also be that you are already in the pet care business or planning to branch out that way. Whatever the reasons you will be glad to know that these pads exist and can make crating that much more comfortable for your animals. The first thing you will probably come to realize is that there are as many different styles of kennel mats as there are dog breeds or so it would seem.

Getting to Know the Product

What you may be looking for if you are buying one pad for your own pet as opposed to enough mats for a whole building worth of kennels could be different too. These pads are generally meant to be used in a kennel but can also be used in a transportable crate, a crate you use at home for your pet or even for use just on the floor. The main idea, purpose and function is to make the surface more comfortable for your four legged friend.

Want to get an idea of what you could choose from?

• The amount of fluffiness involved in the design • The material used for the pad • The size of the mat • The color of the product • Whether or not they can fold or roll up much smaller • And this is just a small sample of the variations involved

These mats are generally used for dogs, but cats love them too, especially if used in a crate during transport. The best thing you can do is make sure these pads have the scent of home on them so that wherever your cat or dog ends up, it will feel like it's right at home.

Other Points to Realize

Another major factor is the price range you may be considering. Much of this depends on how comfortable you want to make sure your furry friend is. Believe it or not even the filling varies based on your individual needs. For example, one popular choice is cedar and poly filled. Or you may simply want a nice plush version that is softer and more comfortable than the best pillow.

If you are planning to use your kennel pads for on the go, you will probably want to make sure they are as lightweight as possible. For those that will remain stationary inside a crate, kennel or home you can opt to go with one that has a little more weight or bulk. The most important factor is making sure your pet is comfortable and happy.

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I would now like to invite you to expand your knowledge further by reading our latest post: Crate Pads: Making Training Easier. Written by Craig Thornburrow,

Kennel pads for your dog only

Dog Kennels - Sizes and Necessities to Make Your Dog Comfortable

Author: Aaron Gregory

Sometimes the best bed you can give your dog is a dog kennel. This personal space allows your dog to get away from everyone and keeps them contained when you are not home or at night when everyone is a sleep. You can feel good that your dog is comfortable and is not causing trouble or messing up your home when you can't be there to police his or her actions. While it might sound a little cruel to some people, kenneling your dog when you aren't around might be a good thing and a wonderful way to train your dog on how he is expected to behave.

Dog kennels come in a variety of sizes so that when you do have to lock him up he can be extremely comfortable. While you don't want to get the largest crate on the market for a small dog like a Chihuahua, you do want to make sure your medium or large dog has plenty of room to move about when he is in the crate. Your dog needs to have room to stand up and turn around, so they can get more comfortable, and still have plenty of room for a food and water dish. You might not want to provide food during the night but your dog really does need to have access to water at all times.

When you put your dog in a dog kennel you need to make sure it has adequate bedding. If your dog is an older dog you might consider having a kennel large enough to accommodate a large pillow or fluffy blanket to allow extra padding between the dog and the bottom of the cage. If your dog is a small dog you should be able to fit a small pet bed in there to allow the dog some comfort.

You will also want to make sure you provide your dog with something to chew on. Squeaky toys, stuffed animals, and chew bones are great dog kennel toys. If the dog is going to be in there an extended period of time, say while you're away at work, then he needs something to do. If he doesn't have something readily available to chew on he will just destroy his bedding, creating a mess for you to clean up and more expense by having to replace his bed every time he gets bored. You can't withhold a bed as that would be cruel and the dog wouldn't understand.

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If you have been thinking about getting a dog kennel for your dog, I think that's a great idea. It's a type of indestructable dog bed that you can make more or less cushy for your dog, depending on how big of a chewer he ends up being. The big thing is that you'll keep him from hurting himself (choking or chewing on toxic objects) as well as protect your home while you are unable to supervise him directly.

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