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Dog tags for pets are important

Dog tags for pets are important

Dog Tags Add a Layer of Identification Protection

Author: Jacob Baylis

With current technology and vet practices, pets are often tagged with a microchip or even a tattoo for easy identification, an especially helpful tool for lost animals. However, did you know that dog tags and cat tags provide an additional layer of identification protection? Sometimes, a pet shelter or veterinarian may not have the capability to scan for a microchip and even if they did, sometimes they miss it. Tags attached to your pet's collar can provide immediate contact information for the pet's owner.

Functional and Visually Appealing

Our Online Pet Accessories Shop offers Red Dingo tags for both dogs and cats. These tags are available in a variety of styles, shapes and colours. Engraving is included with the purchase so you have the option to place your contact information as well as your pet's name on the tag. They can be easily attached to dog collars and cat collars.

Your taste and style will dictate the tag you choose for your pet. There are tags in the shape of bones, hearts, fish and dog and cat heads. Some of these tags come in enamel-coated stainless steel while others are brass, plastic or regular stainless steel. They also can be purchased in various sizes, depending on the size of your pet.

The Importance of Tags

When shopping for pet supplies, add identification tags to the list of necessary items. Many pet owners agree that this added layer of protection is important and yet, many of them end up taking the tags off their pets, claiming that their indoor status does not necessitate wearing tags. What happens when a door or window is left open by accident and your pet makes a run for the outdoors? There have been reports of pets being found hundreds or thousands of kilometres away!

Pet owners, especially those with cats, claim that their pets are irritated by the tags and the collars they wear. It does take a while for these animals to become accustomed to wearing something around their neck. As long as their collar and attached tags do not impede with their breathing and motor functions, you should keep them on your pets.

If you can start your pets early while they are still puppies or kittens, the process of acclimating them to their collars and tags goes more smoothly. Dog tags and cat tags should not be considered an optional item but rather a necessity. Their safe and timely identification depends on it. So the next time you go shopping for your pet, don't forget to include identification tags on your shopping list.

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Personalized Dog Tags- Your Dog's safeguard

Author: Masterjack

Dog is a most loveable pet that anyone can have. These are considered to be a symbol of loyalty because of their friendly and faithful nature. Dogs can be a good companion for anyone. If you own such pet then you must be happy with it. Have you ever thought of this pet missing? If yes, then you must have thought of any identification tag for your beloved pet, so in case if he gets lost, and anyone finds it can return you back after reading the tag information.

Personalized Dog Tags are very helpful. These were first introduced by the military for their trained dogs, but now anyone can design a tag for his pet dog. Tags help to track your missing dog. In case your dog is missing without an identification tag, it may take days, weeks or months to track your dog, however if the pet is wearing a tag then it becomes easy to get your dog back as the finder may get all the information on the tag.

Now the next thing comes what information should be engraved on the tag. The information which is important is the name of your pet, owner's name, address and contact number. The nick name of the dog can also be engraved on the identification tag. In case the dog has medical problem that can also be imprinted on the tag. It may help in saving the life of your dog. In case if it has a problem of diabetes and requires any daily medical treatment, or if it has some other problem that should be definitely carved on the label. This process can help saving your dog in case it gets into trouble.

Dogs become a part of family rather than being a pet. So it becomes important to maintain the safety of it. The Personalized Dog Tags are not very expensive and it will be a good idea to invest in these tags. You can contact to any veterinarian to create a label for the pet. One can place an online order as well with the desired information to make the tag. These tags facilities are also available in various pet stores and malls which can make an identification tag for your dog.

There are a lot of variety as regard to the colors, shape, sizes and designs of labels. One can choose the tag according to his dog. Create a one exactly, the way you want. It is important to provide the accurate information to the tag manufacturer so that he can create a suitable tag for the pet. In case of any change in your address or phone number then the replace the same information on the dog tag as well.

Personalized Dog Tags acts as a personal safe guard to your pets. Choose the one that reflects the dog's personality. Explore various online stores which can make a tag for your dog as per your demand. This will be a beautiful accessory for your dog as well.

Once you will put this tag into the collar of the dog, you will be relaxed and satisfied as it will reduce the chances of loss of the beloved pet.

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