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Brush a dog's teeth

Brush a dog's teeth

Brushing a dog's teeth with a toothbrush can easily clean off plaque. A natural-type diet of raw meat with an occasional raw knucklebone to chew may prevent problems with dog teeth and gums also. Despite the simplicity of this preventive measure, many dogs need dental attention because of starchy, dry or sloppy foods. The teeth need to be subjected to the stresses and strains of chewing raw meat and bones to maintain healthy function. Should tarter begin to develop, it needs to be cracked or scraped away before it causes gum recession. Minor scaling can usually be easily removed with a thumbnail. In cases where there is already bad dog oral health, it may be necessary to ask a vet for help. Start while your dog is young taking care of their teeth to avoid many dog dental problems when they get older.

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How often should you brush your dog's teeth??

How often should we be brushing dogs teeth?

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Brushing dog`s teeths We know pet teeth cleaning is important for your dog, so why don't we do it as often as we should? And how often should we be brushing a dog`s teeth anyway? Maybe it's an out of sight out of mind thing. Perhaps the one time you tried to brush her teeth she gave you the "I don't think so" look. Of course, there is always the possibility that we should just admit to being a little lazy in the dog teeth cleaning department. Most of us choose to pay more attention to other areas of our dogs care, but brushing your dog`s teeth should be part of the overall health care you give it to extend your dog life spand.

The short answer to how often we should be brushing dogs teeth is at least every other day. Brushing every other day will keep the plaque from mineralizing. Mineralization can occur in about 36 hours hardening into "tartar" (calculus).

The best thing to do is start when your dog is a puppy so you will begin with a clean mouth. If you have an adult with tartar already set in you can ask your vet for a dog dental cleaning. Also inquire about dog teeth cleaning without anesthesia as it is let traumatic and much more affordable. But do not let dog teeth cleaning cost keep you from getting started, it is too important to your dogs overall health.

Many people make an attempt at teeth cleaning but then give up. The usual response is "my dog hates it". Most dogs need time to learn to like teeth brushing. This is done gradually by conditioning them to like the reward that follows the brushing. Whenever you are introducing something new to your dog break it down into small segments and always follow with tons of praise.

  • First, just introduce the tooth paste to her letting her lick it off your finger. This is a good time to see if she likes the flavor. If you see she does not like it try a different flavor. Only use tooth paste made for dogs, human tooth paste can upset their stomach. Continue this for three days and give a delicious treat when finished.
  • Now try using your finger, not the tooth brush, and slowly rub the toothpaste onto your dog's front teeth and gums. Speak softly and offer praise and encouragement. Continue this for three days and again be generous with the treats after the session is over.
  • On day seven you are ready to brush your dog's teeth with the tooth brush. Keep the brush at a 45 degree angle to the gums and brush in a side to side motion. The areas to concentrate on are the outside of the teeth as opposed to the inside surface next to the tongue. Also the top teeth usually need a little more attention than the bottom teeth.

Keep in mind that hard crunchy dry kibble is better for your dogs teeth than just wet food. Dental toys and treats are a must in dental care. Dogs need things to chew on to keep plaque from becoming tartar.

Your are now equipped with the know how to maintain your dogs teeth. They will be healthier, cleaner, and no more stinky dog breath.

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