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Should you neuter a dog?

Should you neuter a dog?

Neutering or Spaying Your Dog for Health

Author: ricardo lumbardo

What is Neutering or Spaying?

Neutering, or spaying for female dogs, is the surgical removal of testicles for male dogs and reproductive organs for female dogs. If you get your dog neutered or spayed, it cannot reproduce anymore. A neutering or spaying surgery can be performed safely during the early months of your dog's life, even before your dog starts to mature sexually. The surgery is done while the dog is under anesthesia. It can be done without any fuss, but neutered dogs and spayed dogs usually need to stay longer in the veterinarian's clinic.

Is Neutering or Spaying Good for Your Dog?

Neutering and spaying is primarily done to avoid reproduction. In the general sense, it is a known fact that there are just too many dogs around. Dog shelters are a sign of this, and so is unnecessary euthanasia. However, aside from the primary purpose of neutering, it also has its advantages and health benefits to your dog. In female dogs, spaying will keep them from getting pregnant, which means that they are also saved from the complicated condition of pregnancy. Also, since your spayed dog won't be in heat anymore, you won't have to worry about the dangers of your spayed pet roaming around. In male dogs, neutering can also keep your pet from roaming around for a partner. However, neutering also has health benefits. Without its testicles, your neutered dog won't be vulnerable to cancers caused by tumors that can affect the testicles. These diseases can also be quite expensive to treat, so neutering your dog can also protect you from the high costs of treatments. It can also keep your pets safe from getting into fights caused by their urge to look for a mate and mark their territories. Without the uncontrollable and complicated urges caused by their sexual needs, neutered dogs and spayed dogs are more likely to be in better emotional or mental condition than dogs that are not neutered or spayed. Neutered dogs are said to be more content than other dogs. Aside from that, it can keep dog aggression and other behavioral problems away as well. Above all else, both neutering and spaying can also help your pet live longer. And of course, going back to the primary purpose of neutered dogs and spayed dogs, you will be helping decrease the number of homeless dogs and euthanized dogs as well.

Is Neutering and Spaying Safe?

Neutering or spaying is pretty common and widely practiced. Studies have been done about it. The surgical neutering and spaying procedures are very safe. You can talk to your veterinarian about it, and have the entire process explained to you. There is no reason to be apprehensive about neutering your dog or spaying your dog. Also, veterinarians would sometimes advice in favor of neutering because of the various health benefits and behavioral advantages of the procedure. Mainly, however, the problem that most dog owners worry about when it comes to neutered dogs is how it may affect the dog's status as a male dog. Somehow, a neutered dog may seem less manly to some dog owners. There are also claims about long-term orthopedic effects as well, but none of these have been proven. Currently, neutering and spaying are known to be safe and beneficial for your pet.

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Benefits of Neutering Male Dogs

Author: Kelly Marshall

There are many things that you are going to want to think about when it comes to owning and taking care of your dogs. Making sure that they have the right lifestyle is very important, because it will help them be happier, and it will help you be happier as well. When it comes to your male dog, neutering is very important, because this is going to help you provide yourself with a great dog in general.

Male dogs are excellent companions. They can really get along with any other type of dog, as long as their personalities match together - but keeping them unaltered isn't something that you want to do. Breeding dogs is a major deal, and it takes years of hard work to be sure that you are producing good dogs. As a pet, you want to be sure that your male dog is neutered.

First of all, the main benefit of neutering your male dog is that you won't have any litters. Of course, since the female carries the puppies, if your dog sneaks away to a girlfriend's house, you aren't going to need to worry about the puppies at all. But, you will be contributing to the pet population, which is already too high, and you will be creating a situation that is much worse when it comes right down to it. Keeping the pet population down should be everyone's responsibility, even those that own male dogs. Neutering your male dog will keep the neighborhood dogs' safe, as well as any dogs that your dog associates with. Unwanted litters can be very frustrating.

The other benefits to neutering a male dog are all benefits that you can enjoy on your own. They mainly have to do with your dog's behavior. First of all, an unaltered male dog has a tendency to spray all over the place, to mark his territory. Therefore, neutering your male dog will help stop him spraying in your home, because he won't care about his territory as much and won't feel the need to mark it. Also, neutered male dogs become much friendlier towards other dogs, because they are no longer competing with them to pass on the blood lines. When your dog is neutered, he is going to get along much better with female and male dogs. They'll like him more, and he'll be friendlier with them as well.

Lastly, you should get your male dog neutered for his own health. Intact males are going to have a much higher rate of getting cancers and other diseases. It is simply a fact that when you neuter a male dog, as when you spay a female dog, the dog will be at less risk for the things that might cause them damage in the long run. You'll be able to help you pet be healthier, and you'll also be able to avoid huge vet bills for illnesses that you won't have to worry about. Getting your male dog neutered is the best choice for you.

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