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What vegetables can dogs eat

What vegetables can dogs eat

Dietary balance for you dog is not achieved in each meal. It comes from offering a variety of wholesome foods over periods of time. Their body is then able to achieve a dietary balance.

Portions can be judged according to your experience with a particular date. A medium-sized dog will usually manage 1-2 lb of fresh meat in a day, along with vegetables and oils.

So, what vegetables can dogs eat? Suitable vegetables for dogs include celery, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, organic carrots, parsnips, and watercress.

Here is a good recipe that I found that is great for dogs. It contains the meat and vegetables that they need. Dogs love it

It's a dog stew

Meat chunks (beef or lamb, without trimming off the fat or gristle)

Carrots, celery, or broccoli, finely chopped

Turnip, parsnip or rutabaga, chopped


Mix the ingredients together and cook on the stovetop or in an oven preheated to 325 degrees for about 1 to 2 hours for lamb or 2 to 3 hours for beef.

When the dish has cooled, give it to your dog. They love it.

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Natural Dog Foods

Author: Lynn Porter

As people are becoming more health conscious, their focus on health and food is extending to their dogs. Many people are turning away from packaged traditional dog food, in favor of natural dog foods. There are many benefits for a pet owner to feed their dogs natural dog foods.

When a pet owner seeks to feed their dogs natural dog foods, they will know that they're helping to extend the life of their pet. Although it hasn't been proven conclusively, many people feel that the reason why dogs are suffering from conditions such as joint pain and tumors, are because of the preservatives and the chemicals that are found in everyday dog food. When a person thinks about the natural digestive habits of a dog, they have to remember that the dog isn't a human being, but it's a canine. Canines in the past roamed in the woods, in the way that their wolf cousins did. They're used to hunting prey and eating meat. As a matter of fact, most of the dog's diet should be protein-based from meat.

However, much as is the case for humans, a dog benefits when they receive grains and vegetables in their diet. They can gain grains and vegetables in two ways. Their pet owners can either buy natural dog foods that incorporate the use of whole grains and vegetables, or they can learn how to prepare certain grains and vegetables straight from the grocery store to their dog's bowl. For example, oatmeal is very good for dogs. There are certain vegetables that humans eat that could also benefit the dog. However, it's very important for pet owners to do extensive research, because there are human foods that are good for human nutrition, but on the other hand, are toxic for dogs.

If the thought of preparing homemade natural dog foods is too intimidating for a pet owner, then they can certainly look online. There are lots of natural and organic dog foods for pets, as well as dog treats. They are priced at an affordable price range, because many companies realize that the modern pet owner cares enough about their dog to give them the best food possible. Not only does giving a dog natural dog foods help to keep them healthy, but it will enable them to be vibrant and lively. All of these factors make for a long life span for the dog.

So, if feeding one's dog natural dog foods, and healthy dog treats are important to the dog owner, they simply can do an online search, and take their pick of companies who are offering just the right dog foods that will keep the dog healthy, and that will extend its life.

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