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How to treat dog allergies in your pet

How to treat dog allergies in your pet

Dog Allergies -- Effective Home Remedies For Dog Allergies You Can Rely On

Author: Gary K. Rand

Dog allergies can cause many pets to experience seasonal or periodic discomfort. Even the toughest dogs can be sensitive to various food or environmental elements that result in bouts of distress. And many dog owners rely on home remedies for dog allergies to relieve allergy-related distress.

Similar to humans, dogs can experience allergies brought about by what they eat as well as their surroundings or seasonal changes.

Allergic reactions can show up in a number of ways. The most common allergic responses are itching and scratching; another is excessive sneezing. Some dogs scratch and itch themselves so vigorously that it causes them to rub away patches of their fur.

The good news is that you can take steps to give your dog relief. Natural home remedies for dog allergies will enable you to lessen the impact of your pet's symptoms and make him comfortable and symptom-free.

A very effective home remedy for skin-related dog allergies is to give your dog a colloidal oatmeal bath. Colloidal oatmeal is made of oats ground into an extremely fine powder. When added to bathwater, the oatmeal in this form doesn't sink to the bottom of the bath.

A dog suffering from excessive scratching and itching can benefit greatly from such a bath because it will do much to ease these symptoms. The colloidal bath works best when combined with cool water.

Perhaps your dog has been scratching or licking his paws excessively. Such activity could also be the result of allergies. A good home remedy for skin irritation on your dog's paws is to soak them in a cool solution of water and Epsom salts.

But after bathing your dog's paws in this solution, make sure you dry them thoroughly and see that he does not drink the water. It will make him sick.

Depending, exactly, on what is causing your dog's allergic reaction, it is quite possible you will have to regulate your dog's diet or give him a different type of bedding. A bedding change would be the way to go if your pet is allergic to wool or cotton. You could provide him with bedding made of a synthetic, non-allergenic fabric.

Through simple observation, it is usually possible for you to identify the areas of your pet's environment that are causing a specific allergic reaction. And by making a few basic changes, you can rid him of allergy symptoms.

Consider natural remedies as your first line of defense when treating dog allergies. They're effective, practical and easy to apply right away.

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Dog Allergy Natural Treatment

Dog Allergy Natural Treatment

By Loy Bond

If you suffer from a mild dog allergy, natural treatment may help you control your symptoms, while still allowing you to spend time with your best friend. Then again, if your dog is the one with the allergies, natural treatments may be just the ticket to sort out some of his symptoms too! Here are a few common, and lesser known, ways to combat allergy with natural treatment.

* Air filters and dehumidifiers can help by removing the cause of the allergy. Natural treatment for allergies should always start with removing, or limiting, the contact with the allergen, although if you're allergic to your pet, that might not be completely possible!

* A chemical called Quercetin, found in citrus, onions and garlic is a natural anti histamine, great for treating allergy. Natural treatment could include adding more of these to your diet, and although dogs and onions are not a good idea, you might find that adding a little garlic to his food might help if he's the allergy sufferer.

* Any foods containing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will help control allergy. Natural remedy for you or your dog could include boosting your intake of these types of foods, which may include oily fish, or even the newer eggs with added Omega 3!

* Many vitamins, including Vitamin C, B5, A, and B12, among many others, have been shown to help control allergy. Natural treatment for your allergies could therefore include a good multi vitamin supplement, while your dog's might include switching to a brand of food that offers the right balance of vitamins and minerals.

* Certain herbs, like licorice root, and ginger, have a natural ability to treat and reduce the symptoms of allergy. Natural remedy of allergies might therefore include these herbs.

If you are the allergy sufferer, and your pet is the culprit, the chances are it's dander causing your allergy. Natural treatment would therefore start with making sure that your dog is bathed regularly, and brushed in between.

Limiting access to non carpeted and easy to clean areas of the house, installing air filters and using a mask, or having someone else, bath and brush your dog or cat, will go a long way to reducing your symptoms of allergy. Natural treatment alone may not be enough to cure your allergy, but these tips and hints will go a long way to reducing symptoms!

If it's your dog with an allergy, your first task is to find out the cause. Once you know what is causing the allergy, natural treatment, and any conventional methods suggested by your vet, will quickly improve his quality of life, and reduce his symptoms.

Whether your dog has a contact, inhalant, food or flea allergy, natural treatment is available, and bolstered with other methods, like steroids, or immunotherapy, should make short work of the problem.

Allergies do make life a little more complicated, however, they are not insurmountable problems, and chances are, you'll find a way to work around them.

Your dog's health means a lot to you, as well as your own. Keep yourself informed and learn more about dog allergy relief [] at [], where you'll find everything you need to know to keep your dog, your home and of course yourself free of allergies, and in tip top shape!

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