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How does frontline work on dogs

How does frontline work on dogs

Combating the Problem of Pet Fleas with Frontline Spot On

Author: Philip Fall

Frontline Spot On can help you to combat the problem of pet fleas in your home. Pets can bring something very special into our lives. It is wonderful sharing your living spaces with domestic animals and this can really make a house a home.

Problem Pests

However pets can also bring problems with them too. One of these is fleas. These persistent parasites can be very difficult to get rid of once they have gained a foothold in your home.

- Fleas lay eggs in area such as carpets and pet bedding. Even if you have managed to eradicate the adult fleas the eggs and larvae can sometimes escape treatment.

- This means that a few weeks later they can hatch out and the problem starts all over again.

- One major benefit of using Frontline Spot On is that it works to help you break the flea infestation cycle.

- This product actively starts to destroy fleas from the moment they first feed on your pets. This means in just a few hours they will be dead.

- This prevents them from feeding and then dropping off your pets to start breeding in your home.

- By killing fleas before they can breed you can take proactive steps towards eradicating the problem of fleas in your home and prevent re-infestation.

Taking Other Steps

As well as treating your pets with Frontline Spot On you should also consider taking other steps to help eradicate fleas and prevent them from taking over your home.

- Vacuum Regularly - simply vacuuming your carpet regularly can help to reduce fleas in your home. A good vacuum will suck up loose eggs, larvae and adult fleas from your carpets and rugs. The vibrations from the vacuum will also trigger eggs to hatch early. This is an important step if you are going to be treating your home with flea powders or sprays that only target larvae and adult fleas.

- Wash Pet Bedding – pet bedding offers the perfect environment for adult fleas to breed. You can help to get rid of fleas and their eggs and larvae by washing pet bedding frequently. If you are suffering from an infestation it is worth buying a spare bed so that you have somewhere for your pets to sleep whilst you are washing and drying their main bed. Make sure you use a hot cycle and a good detergent to kill these tough and stubborn parasites.

- Use Insect Growth Inhibitors – these days you can powerful and effective products to treat your home containing Insect Growth Inhibitors. Once you have treated your home with these they will continue to provide protection from 2 to 6 months. This is very effective when used in conjunction with Frontline Spot On for all round flea infestation prevention.

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Frontline Spot On can help pet owners to combat the problems of fleas in the home. This top product can combine with other pet treatment methods to eliminate fleas for good.

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