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treating fleas on dogs

Treating fleas on dogs

Treat Dog Flea Problems Naturally

Author: Anna B O'Brien

We love our dogs and hate to see them in any kind of discomfort. Then along comes flea season.

Every year we have to wrestle with the decision, what flea treatment should we use on our dog.

This year why not try a natural flea treatment. It is better for everyone you, your family and most importantly your dog.

Fleas get on our dogs, and then they get in the house and get on everything else.

It is certainly not our poor dogs fault. They hate the fleas as much as we do. It cannot be helped.

Dogs must go outside and therefore they get fleas. Our number one priority is to get rid of the fleas on our dog, especially if they are allergic to them. Which is more common then you may think.

Your first course of action for getting rid of fleas should be a natural flea treatment.

Why natural?

The obvious reason of course is safety.

Natural flea remedies are just that, they come from nature and therefore do not cause the harm that many of the commercial products can.

Another good reason to use natural home remedies, they are always less expensive then any product you will get at your Vets office or pet store.

You can use natural flea treatments safely and not be concerned about anyone in your home getting sick from toxic fumes and other side effects that can come with commercial products.

There are numerous natural flea treatments you can use for your dog, but the one everyone agrees that works the best is garlic.

Garlic is just not for warding off vampires, fleas do not like it either. Or do any number of parasites that can attach themselves to your dog.

When you give your dog a very small amount of garlic in their food, it goes into their blood stream.

This is very Important. Never never, give raw garlic to your cat.

Garlic is very toxic to cats, and can do severe damage. Cats can only have cooked garlic.

Please remember Dogs and Cats are very different and have to be treated with different remedies. So cooked garlic only for Cats.

Raw garlic for dogs.

When your dog eats the garlic in his food, it gets in their skin. Just like when people eat garlic is comes out of our pores, the same happens to your dog.

The fleas will immediately be leaving your dog soon after they get a whiff or taste of the garlic.

Sometimes just a little garlic in your dog's food may not be quite enough to do the trick.

In that case, you should mix together the garlic with some brewers yeast. Add a little of the mixture to your dogs food.

You can if you like purchase the mixture of brewers yeast and garlic in tablet form at many health food stores, and add that to your dogs food.

This natural flea treatment is just one of the many natural home remedies you can use for your dog.

Whenever possible it is always better to use natural treatments, but if your dog ever gets a serious problem of any nature always take them to your vet immediately.

Hope this helps you and your dog get rid of the fleas. Your dog deserves only the best, because that it what they always give us.

Our animals should always be treated with gentleness, kindness and lots of love.

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Getting rid of dog fleas!

Author: Mary Garza

Dog fleas can be very annoying to the dog and to the owner. If you own a dog, there is a very high chance they will get fleas, or they already have fleas. Larger dogs tend to have fleas more often and get them easier. This is because they need to be let out more and not trapped in a small space. As for a small dog, they can be trained to use the bathroom inside.

Fleas can also bite humans, and the pain and itchiness can become extremely bothersome. There are many ways you can prevent and kill off the fleas. You can use products such as Frontline, Advantage, Program, and Revolution. It is also good to use home remedies as a backup. This is not to be used as a main source of killing the fleas, but it's a good backup plan.

Dog fleas are a huge health problem for your dog which may cost lots of money if not treated well. Fleas can cause anemia, tapeworms, and allergic dermatitis. There are many easy treatments to rid your dog of fleas. These include things such as a flea bath, special shampoos, and flea dips. All these things should be successful. Grooming or a daily or weekly basis is a very wise thing to do. It will keep a good amount of dog fleas off your dog.

You are also going to need to clean up any place your dog may go. Fleas could be living anywhere. So for proper flea control, it is wise to treat places such as your dog's bed, the yard, and other places he/she wanders to. You may also get lots of products to treat your dog if he still has fleas. There are two big brand products that should help you take those fleas off. Those brands are Frontline and Advantage. They are basically medicines that you apply once in awhile. It is highly effective to use during flea season.

Vacuuming a lot can also help. When vacuuming, you can pick up tons of fleas and eggs. If you vacuum it is smart to put something to kill off adult fleas. If you do not, the fleas will escape and your efforts will have been all for nothing. You can try cutting a piece of a dog flea collar and placing it in the vacuum. You may also try moth crystals and other things poisonous to dog fleas that will kill those that get sucked up in the vacuum.

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Mary Garza is the author of Dog-Flea.Info, a site for information about dog fleas and dog flea control.

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