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Shih Tzu characteristics

Shih Tzu characteristics

Shih Tzu - The concept of Shih Tzu Markings

Author: Nancy White

Shih Tzu - The concept of Shih Tzu Markings

Shih Tzu is reported to have certain characteristics which are believed to be comparable to the qualities of Buddha. The white mark on the forehead of the Shih Tzu was caught by the Energy Center, often called the third eye or sixth chakra, and is a symbol of the Trinity, the unity of mind, universalism, salvation for all, and mystical three areas (body, mouth and mind).

Positive characteristics was able to breathe from the Shih Tzu that was intuition, vision, optimism and vision. The top knot of the Shih Tzu is the culmination of the Shih Tzu. Top knot represented symbolically creativity, mystery, charm, magical powers, wisdom and love.

All these properties are Stain Glass Shih Tzu I am today. Shih Tzu is charming, loving and have a rather mysterious to live with. I found a greater sense of safety because the owner of Shih Tzu. The luxurious featherings head and face of the Shih Tzu that was seen as a symbol of the rays of the sun and the flower that blooms Holy adumbara once in three thousand years.

The white face and neck Shih Tzu was a symbol of the swelling cape of dignity of Buddha. Cape meant the carrier, as administrator of the sun, moon and stars, the privilege to monitor purity, justice and virtue. After Shih Tzu is a cape Rosary of the goddess of mercy and the three rings of Buddha. The drape a coat or skirt of the Shih Tzu was considered a symbol of light, strength and courage.

Flock of Buddha should not reject their children, their parents, those who love them, or for those who loved me, so I never reach Nirvana or Heaven. Buddha-like, Shih Tzu was symbolic guardian of wisdom that all can change their shortcomings. A label may be n the middle of the back of the Shih Tzu or there may be one which extends from the upper back at the end of the back, or almost on the tail of the Shih Tzu.

This saddle blanket or influence on the Shih Tzu only symbolic of the saddle or blanket on which the Buddha sits as a Minister in the sun, moon and stars. In addition, it was considered a symbol of the three vehicles of learning that leads to wisdom: discipline, knowledge and meditation. Pegasus-like, is Shih Tzu to the rider through the air to make a profit of material wealth and jewels. The heavily feathered tail is decorated with a Shih Tzu, forming a smooth arc across the back of the Shih Tzu is one of five Royal Insignia attributed anointed kings and holy men.

This umbrella-like elements in Shih Tzu is depicted in symbolic representations of Buddha, covered form, protecting him from worldly failures. The white Shih Tzu walking shoes reminiscent of the Buddha, embroidered with jewels, to transfer the user one hundred miles, but the fatigue and allows the user to slip into the water, not wetting his feet.

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Shih Tzu Dog Breed Health Issues, History, Living Conditions, Grooming and Temperament

Author: scott lipey

Description: The Shih-Tzu is a sturdy small dog, with a height of up to 11 inches and weighing 9-16 pounds. They have a long tail, which is almost as long as their body, and a broad round head that is wide in between their eyes. Their large round eyes are a medium to dark colour, depending on their colour and shade of coat. Their large ears are pendant shaped, covered with an ample amount of hair, low set and hang down. The tail is low set and, again, has no shortage of hair upon it. The facial hair is also quite prolific with the hair above the eyes often been tied up out of the way, and the hair on the sides of the face hanging down, giving the impression of a large beard or moustache.

History: This breed is very ancient, which has been confirmed by DNA testing. Remains of skeletons having been found, in settlements, which date back some 10,000 years. There are various stories and theories relating to the origins of the Shih-Tzu we see today. However, a lot of these may appear to be just myth or legend. There are, however, pictures that show dogs closely resembling the Shih-Tzu almost exactly and these paintings date back to the 16th century. These dogs originated in, and were very popular in, China. They were a great favourite and became popular with the Royal families of China. Such was their popularity that the Chinese would refuse any form of trade for these puppies. The first breeding pair were imported to England in the 1930s but were not recognized as a breed until 1946. The AKC in 1969 recognized it as a breed.

Temperament: The breed is hardy, happy, lively, and very alert, and can have a character that simply spills over. They are a gentle, friendly dog and easily make friends, but they are very loyal to their master. Training is relatively simple, due to the intelligence of this breed. Training must be conducted in a calm and consistent fashion. Because this breed looks so cute it is hard to reprimand or deny them anything. However, it is very necessary for them to be trained well, to avoid the problem of 'small dog syndrome', so sometimes denying them or informing them have done wrong, in a calm fashion, is necessary. If you do not establish yourself as the superior over the dog, they may become snappy and fretful, and sometimes even biting. They require physical and mental stimulation daily, going out for walks and playtime should adequately take care of this, as long as enough time is spent on the activities. Good firm training will be rewarded, as your dog grows into a trustworthy and sweet companion.

Health issues: As a breed these dogs are generally healthy, with a lifespan of approx.15 years and sometimes more. They are, however, prone to spinal diseases, and stifle problems, caused by the length of their back in comparison to the shortness in their legs. They can be prone also to eye problems, infections of the ear, and premature loss of teeth. Care must be taken with their feeding as these dogs gain weight very easily, overfeeding can be very bad for them.

Grooming: A good daily brush, using a firm bristled brush or comb, is often adequate. The dogs are of a long-haired breed, but some owners like to have their hair trimmed shorter to make it more manageable. However, if you are showing your dog, trimming is probably best carried out at a salon, unless you are skilled and experienced enough to do this yourself. If you are not showing your pet, but have decided to keep the hair long, then the brushing process will take longer, and you may need to trim some of the hair yourself, or you may also take the dog to the salon as a special treat.

Living conditions: As a dog, that is reasonably active indoors they can survive without a yard, and enjoy a good play, which will burn off some of their excess energy. Walking is still very important though, as dogs enjoy going outside to see different things. As long as their exercise requirements are met, the breed is well suited to apartment life.

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