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How to clean dogs ears

How to clean dogs ears

For most dogs, the ears require no attention. They should still be checked from time to time though. Signs of trouble may be scratching or shaking the ears, with the affected ear being held low. If your dog suffers from a skin problem, the ears may also get infected, resulting in inflammation, excess wax production and discharge. Checking and cleaning your dogs ears is important to maintaining the health of your dog.

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How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

Author: Robin

Dog groomers perform many important task for your dog and keeping your dogs ears clean of dirt and hair is just one of them. Although, it can be one of the most important. Dogs have very sensitive ears and this job can be a challenge for many pet owners who take on this procedure alone. In this article we will discuss how to properly clean the ear and the reasons that it is so important to your dogs overall health.

Some dogs have what we call ear plugs. Ear plugs are a common name for the abundance of hair that will grow in the ear canal of some breeds. This hair should be removed on a regular schedule. The ear plugs can hold dirt, wax build up and moister which can lead to an ear infection if not seen to. The hair is easy to remove if done correctly. To remove the ear plugs you will need some ear powder (available at any local pet store) or some corn starch. Corn starch can work just as well as the commercial ear powder. You will also need a pair of hemostats and a good deal of patients. Having a helper to hold the dog may also be an asset for this job if your dog is harder to control.

You will first want to fold the ear back and examine the canal. If the dog seem super sensitive about the ear he may have an infection and you should stop and seek veterinary care. Other wise you may continue by applying a small amount of ear powder or corn starch into the ear. Fold the ear back down and massage it for a moment to help disperse the powder. This powder will help to loosen the hair and make it easier to grip. You may want to start by using your fingers. Grasp a small amount of hair and pull. The hair should come out quite easily. You can also use the hemostats to help in removing hair that you can not easily grip between your fingers. Pull only small amounts at a time until the ear canal is clear of hair.

Next you will want to clean the ears. Witch Hazel is an excellent cleaner for the ears although you can also purchase ear cleaner at your local pet store. Use a cotton ball or swab moistened with the cleaner to swipe out the ears. Only clean as far as you can see. Do not Stick anything down into the ear canal or you might injure your dog. Use a separate swab for the opposite ear so that you do not cross contaminate the ears. If your dog has ear mites or some other type of parasite you will want to get a cleaner which can kill these parasites. There are many ear mite powders available. You may also want to consult your vet if you believe there is a parasite problem with your dogs ears. Keeping the ears free of hair and dirt is a good way to insure your dog will have healthy ears that are free from infections or parasites. Although if this job proves to be too much you can always contact your local groomer to handle the job for you.

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