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Labrador retrievers as pets

Labrador retrievers as pets

Labrador Retrievers: Knowing the Right Choice

Author: Sandra Mitchell

Many consider Labrador Retrievers as the ideal breed. After all, the Labrador Retriever not only exhibits a very likeable appearance, but it is also known for considerable versatility and energy in every task. Before going out to a Labrador Retriever sale and deciding to buy one though, one must keep in mind that no matter how highly regarded the breed is, it cannot be perfect for all types of owners. As dogs are among the most loyal animal companions around, one should never make the mistake of buying one only to neglect it afterwards. Making a well-informed choice is necessary.

As mentioned, Labrador Retrievers stand out from other breeds in terms of appearance. The breed is widely known for its fine coat, which does not only provide it with a majestic look but also protects it from various elements in the outdoors. With this in mind, it is obvious that the Labrador Retriever is well suited for activities out in the open. In fact, the breed is regarded throughout history as a prime hunting companion. Having an athletic build, although not among the largest breeds in size, the Labrador Retriever may not be suited for those who merely want a small dog.

Those who like the Labrador Retriever for its appearance, must keep in mind that it is one of the most active breeds. Even as pups, Labrador Retrievers already exhibit significant interest in play. Constant pouncing and a never-ending eagerness to bite objects are among the most common characteristics of young Labrador Retrievers. As the dog matures though, such enthusiasm does not wane. As the dog's physiology is perfectly built for active pursuits, one cannot expect the Labrador Retriever to just lie down the entire day. Individuals who prefer a sedentary dog, should not even consider going to a Labrador Retriever sale.

Those who are perfectly fine with the Labrador Retriever's size and active nature would be pleased to know that it is one of the easiest breeds to train. People who aim to teach their dogs a wide variety of tricks, as well as those who plan to engage in such an endeavor for the first time, would surely find Labrador Retrievers as the perfect choice. It must be pointed out however that even though the Labrador Retriever is known for its obedience, basic training should start early in the dog's life. If done too late, even leash walking may become troublesome to teach.

Without a doubt, Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular breeds in the entire world. As made clear though, this does not immediately mean that the breed is a suitable choice for all owners. Those with a keen interest in the outdoors, as well as those who prefer an active lifestyle, would be glad to know that the Labrador Retriever is an ideal companion in every energetic endeavor. Making the right decision when going to a Labrador Retriever sale is all about comparing one's own interest and character with those of a Labrador Retriever.

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Labrador retrievers as pets are a great choice.

Do you know the difference between labrador retrievers and golden retrievers

Differences between Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers

Author: Susan J Morris

It is no surprise that most people confuse golden retrievers with Labrador retrievers. This happens often and it's a common mistake among a few people, but as some people might be confused of the differences between the two, retrievers and Labradors have evolved differently. It's not only about the stature or the two breeds, nor the characteristic and the built and even the personality; but there are other things that make these two completely different from one another.

The biggest difference between a Labrador retriever and golden retrievers, looking at it in it their activity level, the Labrador is most energetic compared to the golden retriever breed. They love outdoors as much as we do and they are more active and they need a good amount of exercise on a day to day basis. Don't be fooled though. Golden retrievers are active, but not as much as the Labradors. Looking at the structure of the breeds, side by side, you will see a difference in the features of the body. Labradors are more athletic than retrievers and they have a higher percentage with muscle mass.

Next, you can see the difference between the two when it comes to their fur or coats. This is the most obvious of all when you compare the golden retriever with a Labrador retriever. The Labradors have dual-layer coats, with an oily outer-layer and soft under-layer. The outer-layer will help give them the property of being water-resistant. Another thing you need to remember is that the Labrador retriever has shorter length of hair compared to golden retrievers whose hair is particularly longer than that of a Labrador.

Labradors have three different fur colors, which are black, chocolate brown and yellow and sometimes there are rare fur colors like silver or charcoal. Golden retrievers on the other hand have reddish brown to a light golden but most of them are mid-range in color.

Labrador retrievers have been known to shed a lot, but this is not true in some cases. When compared to golden retrievers, Labradors don't shed as much as the long haired type of dogs that are the golden retriever breeds. The golden retriever breeds fur are more like to have tangles and matting and are a bit more prone when it comes to developing dry skin.

The Labrador retriever, on the other hand, produces higher amounts of oil that nourishes the fur. The retriever needs to be groomed everyday just be steer clear from fur mats and many other possible problems. Labradors can be groomed at least 2 to 3 times in a week but once they start going through their seasonal coat change, then they too will have to go through the process of everyday grooming.

When it comes to the breed's temperament, retrievers are more relaxed than Labradors. As we have mentioned before, Labradors are more active than the retrievers which is why retrievers are more prone to be overweight.

With this being said, you can no longer mistake Labrador retrievers for golden retrievers.

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