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Dog heat stroke

Dog heat stroke

Heat Stroke in Dogs

Author: Tobias Charles

Heat stroke in dogs is a very serious condition that can kill a dog very quickly if you don’t respond as fast as is humanly possible. Did you know that if the temperature outside of the car is 29 degrees (85 F) the temperature in the car can reach 102 F in ten minutes, and after twenty minutes this will rise to 120 F.

Common Signs of Heat Stroke include…

  • Frantic and excessive panting is a common symptom of the condition. Although it is common for dogs to pant as it is their way of reducing their temperature, however when the panting is not sufficient enough to reduce their temperature this is when heat stroke sets in.
  • Your dog will of course be very anxious and may start to salivate.
  • Your dog may have red gums but if your dog’s health has become so bad his gums may turn blue.
  • A raised and increased heart rate is also another symptom of the condition.

What you should do…

  • Remove your dog from the situation – i.e. whatever is making your dog too hot.
  • Get your dog to the vet as soon as possible.
  • You want to reduce your dog’s heat as fast as possible so it is a good idea to immerse your pooch in a bath that has been filled with tepid water.
  • Spray your dog with water especially around the head, face and neck.
  • Fan your dog.
  • Let your dog drink lots of water – try and add some salt to the water bowl.

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Tobias Charles writes on all aspects of dog and puppy training. He lives in the UK with his four dogs and devoted family. He has always had a love of animals and became interested in dog pyschology and dog behavior since studying for his honors degree at University.

You can view his site on dog and puppy training tips here for more information.

Preventing Heatstroke In Dogs And Cats - Florida Vet Advises On Pet Health Care

Author: Palm Harbor Vet

Prevent Heatstroke In Dogs And Cats

Working up a good sweat in the hot summer is good for humans, but getting over heated can lead to heatstroke in dogs and cats and can be fatal to your pet.

Your pet does not sweat like a human and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels can rise quickly in the Spring and Summer. The normal body temperature for your pet ranges from 99.5 to 102.5 degrees. When your pet gets over heated and thire temperature rises several degrees above normal, your pet risks heat exhaustion. At over 107 degrees heatstroke can cause major permanent damage and can even be fatal.

Heatstroke can cause nervous system problems. Your pet can suffer from cramping, extreme weakness, total collapse or even go into a coma.

An abnormally high body temperature [hyperthermia] starts when increased muscular activity occurs and your pet has impaired ability to cool down due to high heat and high humidity environments. This condition can be avoided by taking the proper precautions to protect your pet.

"If your pet exhibits any of the following signs of heatstroke, treat it as an emergency and bring your pet to our vet clinic immediately," said Dr. Kevin Adney, veterinarian at Day And Evening Pet Clinic in Palm Harbor, Florida. You can help by using cool water to wet down your pet and providing cool water for your pet to drink if the pet is conscious and their breathing is not impaired.

The Warning Signs Of Heatstroke In Your Pet

1 – Weakness
2 – Rapid Panting
3 – Dizziness
4 – Bright Red Tongue
5 – Vomiting / cramping
6 – Thick, sticky saliva
7 – Diarrhea
8 – Depression
9 – Shock
10 – Coma

Prevention Of Heatstroke In Your Dog or Cat Is Simple

1 – Be aware of outdoor temperatures and monitor / limit your pet'd outdoor activity on very hot, humid days. Make sure there is a shady area available that your pet can rest in.

2 – Limit the time your pet is exposed to direct sun during the hottest part of the day.

3 – Exercise your pet in the early morning or evening at least an hour before or after feeding your pet.

4 – Never leave your pet in a vehicle during the day, even with the windows open. A vehicle can heat up to fatal levels very quickly, and is the most common cause of heatstroke.

5 – Provide plenty of cool water and shade for your pet. Take extra precautions for outdoor dogs and cats.

6 – Allow your pet time to acclimate to warmer temperatures before rigorous exercise, especially if changing from a cooler climate or air conditioning.

Prevent Heatstroke In Your Dog
Your pet is dependent on you for their care and survival. Take your responsibility seriously, and if you have any concerns, call us at 727-785-7200 and bring your dog or cat to our animal hospital. We welcome your calls and your questions. When your pet is healthy and happy, we are happy.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Day and Evening Pet Clinic

Palm Harbor FL

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Affordable veterinarian for low cost spays and neuters, and low cost vaccines for cats and dogs vet care. Day, evening, and weekend hours regular pet clinic open for Palm Harbor, Holiday, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Tarpon Springs Florida in Pinellas or Pasco County. Call us today at 727-785-7200. Let us give your pets the caring help they deserve!

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