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What to do for constipation in dogs

Dog constipation- What to do for constipation in dogs

Feeding your dog plenty of vegetables really helps avoid constipation in dogs.

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Curing Dog Constipation with Home Remedies

Author: Cristian Stan

Most people in life will face constipation at one point or another, and the same happens to dogs. Poor diet and not exercising are two of the main causes of constipation in dogs (also common causes for constipation in humans). While many people spend time seeking the various ways to get rid of constipation in their lives, let's take a moment to cover some dog constipation remedies.

Having a good diet and getting plenty of exercise are every important for dogs, and can help avoid constipation for dogs. Dogs living in the home need to be walked a minimum of two times daily. If you find your dog is constipated try adding a teaspoon of bran to all his meals, which should make his bowel movements occur much more frequently.

Another home remedy for dog constipation is to add psyllium into the dog's diet. Half of a teaspoon added two times a day works wonders, with the addition of drinking extra water the constipation should be completely gone. Mineral oil is another option is adding psyllium to the diet doesn't work. Make sure to include meats and vegetables in your dog's diet, and to make sure you add enough water to your dog's food.

Many times feces can get tangled up in long dog hair, so it's best to keep your dog groomed and up-kept. Dogs are known for eating everything they see, it's your job to make sure they don't eat and swallow any bones. It's a known fact that almost all kinds of dogs, all breeds and sizes, are prone to becoming constipated. Do not feed your dog from your dinner table under any circumstances. Even giving him a few pieces of your food contributes and adds your dog's constipation.

There are certain foods that cause constipation; these foods contain rice, dairy, sugar, and abnormally high levels of protein. Sweets and treats often times cause constipation in dogs. Not having enough fiber also causes dog constipation. Mega colon is a common problem found in dogs which causes constipation. With this disorder the colon is enlarged, making regular bowel movements much harder.

If your dog begins to discharge blood, even in small amounts, you need to take them to the vet. Keeping your dog healthy is extremely important in helping your dog live a long and happy life.

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