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PH Balance for Dogs

PH Balance for Dogs

The Groomer Explains What pH Balance For Dogs Really Means

Author: Robin Kasper

I am sure that you have heard from a vet or other source that you should not use human shampoos on your dog. There is a very good reason for this. A dog's skin and coat are much different then our own skin and hair. One of the main differences is the pH Level.

The shampoo that you use on your hair is pH balanced for human hair. Although it is not always the case any good dog shampoo should be pH balanced for a dogs skin and coat. Since there are few guidelines in order for protecting our pets you may find that many pet shampoo brands simply are not properly pH balanced for dogs.

A dogs pH can vary depending on the breed from 6.2 to 8.62. Human hair pH ranges from 5.2 to 6.2 meaning our hair and scalp are more acidic then a dogs. A good pH level for a dog shampoo would be around 7. The wrong pH balance can cause a dog to have dry, itchy, flaky skin. Unfortunately a lot of pet owners simply do not know this and can't figure out why their pouch is always scratching. Most assume their dog has an allergy to something but a lot of times the shampoos they are using are the culprit for the skin condition. Diet can also be a factor in poor skin conditions in dogs as well as allergies, fleas, and other parasites. Although, as a groomer my first question would be. What have you washed your dog with lately?

It is very important to use a high quality pet shampoo on your dog. Oatmeal shampoos are great for dry or sensitive skin. There are many brands available that can meet your dogs bathing needs. So the next time you purchase dog shampoo check the label to see if it is pH balanced for your pets needs. You can also use litmus strips to test your current shampoo. These easy test strips can be picked up at the local pool or aquarium store. Simply dip the strip into the shampoo and check it against the color code to learn the pH Level.

You can also look to your local groomer for help picking the best shampoos for your dog. Many groomers carry high quality pet shampoos. You could also save your back and leave the entire job to the groomer.

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Years of offering the finest grooming for high end clients have made Robin Kasper what some would call an expert in the canine grooming & skin care industry. Recently she has shared some of her most valuable tips, advice, and recipes for the conscientious pet owner in an easy to follow guide "Essentials For The Herbal Hound". This guide contains a wealth of information on how to make dog shampoo and dozens of safe all-natural pet care remedies including flea shampoos, odor solutions, oral hygiene solutions and much more. This guide is a great resource for any dog lover who wants to create their own homemade dog shampoo and solutions.

The job of the kidneys in a dog is to adjust and maintain electrolytes and acid-base balances based on the dog's diet and exercise. Knowing about proper diet and exercise for your dog is so important in maintaining the PH balance for dogs

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